Withholding tax service

AQUA Financial Services offers you full withholding tax management. We cover all aspects, including the submission of applications, booking received refunds, the coordination of applications, the preparation of documents and communication with domestic and foreign authorities and depositories.

Our services provide you with the option of outsourcing the entire process and consequently saving resources, as the costs incurred can be charged to the Fund.

Refunds EU law

If refunds are paid after the application has been submitted, they must be allocated to the Fund and are also booked in accordance with the legal requirements.
The tax treatment of the refunded withholding tax usually requires extensive recalculations and corrections in the notices of assessment for the affected special fund.

Upon request, AQUA Finanzservice can take over the distribution of the refunds, calculate the necessary corrections and create an individual list for the booking.

Maintenance of italian withholding tax claims

Preparation and legally secure submission of formal notice to extend the limitation period of already submitted withholding tax calims.

Status certificates

Due to the investment tax reforms, investment funds have the possibility to apply for status certificates. Foreign investment funds are thus offered the opportunity to reduce the investment income tax deduction at source from 25% to 15%. For domestic investment funds, the status certificate is relevant with regard to partial exemptions.

In this context, Aqua Finanzservice takes over the initial application and the monitoring of deadlines and subsequent applications.

Reporting Austria

Investment funds traded in Austria must report additional tax data in their annual financial statements. This is an additional expense for the customer, as deadlines must be met and additional documents are required.

The AQUA Finanzservice AT reporting service allows customers to conveniently outsource this extra work by monitoring deadlines and preparing and reporting the relevant documents.

Coaching & consulting

In addition to the full withholding tax service, our range of services also includes coaching and consulting services.

Due to the diversity of the topic and changes to legislation and judgements, the work flow is often complex and ambiguities arise. AQUA Finanzservice offers reliable support and up-to-date information.

We are happy to pass on our knowledge to your employees, gain an overall picture of your work processes and, if necessary, work with you to optimise these processes.


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