The AQUA in our name stands for ausländische Quellensteuer Abwicklung (foreign settlement of tax deducted at source) and describes the core specialisation of our work. However, we are proud to offer our customers a comprehensive range of services, covering all tasks and issues associated with our main area of responsibility. We are developing constantly and ensure that your queries are dealt with in accordance with the respective country-specific and current procedures and legal framework conditions.

Aqua Finanzservice also offers coaching and consulting in this area.

AQUA Financial Services is managed by Ms Aira Becsky, who has been gaining expertise in this field for many years and has been responsible for managing withholding tax for companies such as Sal. Oppenheim and Treuhand Niederrhein.

AQUA Finanzservice is also a member of the German Investment Funds Association (BVI)


AQUA Finanzservice e. K.
Aira Becsky

Address: Albertus Magnus Straße 33, 53177 Bonn
Fone: +49 228 909 18 188
Fax: +49 228 909 18 187
Email: Aqua Finanzservice

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